Each industry has it’s specific flight data analysis requirements and the Truth Data team has the experience and capability you need.

Air Medical

Truth Data provides FDM/FOQA services for the largest air medical operators in the US and Australia. These flights are highly irregular, especially in field landing situations. From a flight data analysis standpoint, this kind of data is not easy to tame. It takes real experience to turn it into something useful.


Search and rescue missions are another extremely demanding way to fly and a very challenging data set to analyze. But the Truth Data team can handle it. We have the experience, in fact, one of our team members is an active search and rescue pilot.


You didn’t get here without making smart decisions. We can provide an FDM program that’s just what you need. Not a canned solution, but one tailored to your fleet and the way you fly. Insurance discounts may be available that make complete business sense.


The Truth Data team has the experience you need to successfully implement the operational safety requirements of oil and gas producers for flight operations.


Maximizing efficiency while maintaining the highest safety standards. We get it. And we can help you get there.


Your flight operation needs to be ready to play its part in protecting the public. Truth Data can even help you improve safety while you do it.