Truth Data can provide all the support you need to set up and run the right FDM/FOQA program for your operation. Whether your motivation is government or client requirements or an internal drive for improved safety and efficiency, we can get you where you need to be. We'll provide all you need for a turnkey FDM/FOQA program, including: 

  • Recording and download hardware recommendations

  • Integration of your data sources to our analysis software

  • Integration with your current SMS or other systems

  • Government or client-approved program setup

  • Interactive weekly and monthly trend report dashboards

  • Analysis and operational recommendations

  • Quarterly program reviews

  • Incident analysis

All of these services will be coordinated by your Key Account Manager, who will be your dedicated point of contact at every step. Here are some important features of our service:

We start by listening


Our managed FDM/FOQA programs are not “one size fits all.” The discussion starts with you and our commitment to understanding your operational needs. You won’t get high pressure here. Just our considered input built on years of technical and operational experience.

With you all the way

Key account manager

You won’t be passed around from one department to another. Your Key Account Manager will be with you through the process from the day you sign up. They can help you get the data flowing through our system and get the answers you need back into your hands.


Do your own digging

Interactive dashboards

We use MicroSoft PowerBI dashboards for reporting. These are interactive and allow you to drill down into your historic fleet data. You’ll be able do your own analysis of results.