When the Truth Data team sees the report of an aircraft mishap, we sigh and think: that did not have to happen - maybe we could have helped. We are firm believers that data, properly analyzed and presented in a useful way, can bring more crews and passengers safely home. So, we work diligently to provide customers with the actionable results that just might make that critical difference.



Truth Data draws upon decades of experience in commercial and military aviation. Our analysts are not simply data crunchers. In fact, every member of the team is experienced as either a pilot, chief aircraft mechanic or Aerospace Engineer.

Highlights of our team’s technical experience:

  • 20+ years’ experience running the U.S. Navy MFOQA program
  • Supporting Air Methods, with the largest EMS helicopter fleet in the world, in their FOQA program
  • Providing Toll Helicopters, the largest EMS operator in Australia, with FDM services for their AW-139 fleet
  • Honeywell’s FOQA/FDM provider with direct experience implementing the Sky Connect Tracker III
  • Managing FDM program for various airlines in Europe and Australia
  • Established FDM programs for a fixed-wing and rotary-wing operators in Africa and Asia

Our Team

Pete Henrikson, President of Truth Data, is a 22-year decorated retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with Command, test systems development and international expertise in business and aviation operations. He has worked as Sales Manager for Training Services for Airbus Helicopters and as VP of Operations for Pathfinder Aviation. In 2015, Mr. Henrikson’s passion for aviation safety led him to found Truth Data, a company with a focus on bringing military safety systems and technology to the commercial aviation market. He is a Commercial Pilot and CFI / CFII and holds a Master of Business Administration from Texas Christian University and Bachelor of Arts from Northeastern University.

Matt Hilton, Director of Technolgy at Truth Data, is 21-year vetran of the U.S. Navy, where he served as Chief Mechanic. He has over 10 years of data analysis experience both military aircraft (MH-60 R/S, SH-60B, F/A-18 C/D/E/F, T-45, CH-53E, MH-53E, AH-1Z, and UH-1Y) and in the commercial market (EC-130, EC-135, EC-145, EC-225, AW-119, AW-139, AW-189, AS-350, S-76, Bell 407). He was instrumental in the creation of the MFOQA (Military Flight Operations and Quality Assurance) program for the Navy. Some of his data mining techniques and original algorithms have led to complete technical rewrites of not only Navy Maintenance Publications but also Flight Manuals. Matt is routinely involved in helicopter crash investigations.

Thierry van Bennekom, FDM Analyst, is Truth Data's European partner. He has extensive experience in setting up and managing FDM programs in various rotary- and fixed-wing operating environments, including a European commercial airline, offshore helicopter operations in West Africa and fly-in fly-out mining operations in South East Asia. For these operations, he has also created elements to make data analysis a more integral part of other aircraft operations software, such as flight logs and SMS. Thierry holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. His strength is linking the abstract and academic world of data analysis to the practical side of aircraft operations to create a clear picture for our customers of what's happening out there.

Tom Nied is a Business Development consultant with Truth Data. He has over 40 years of experience business and marketing, most of which has been in the Aerospace industry. This includes: VP, Business Development – Flying Software Labs, President – Kitco Defense LLC/Wencor Group, VP, Business Development – Textron/AAI Corp, Sr. Manager, Business Development and other roles – Boeing Company. He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, both from St. Louis University.

These and the rest of our management and technical team are all either active pilots, former Chief Helicopter Mechanics or Aerospace Engineers.



At Truth Data we promise that if your aircraft data has something to tell you about how to improve safety or reduce cost, you'll know it. Our team's expertise, creativity and diligence will provide what you need to take those concrete steps.


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