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Truth Data

Bringing a new level of safety and efficiency to aviation

Whatever you call it:

  • Flight Data Monitoring – FDM
  • Health Usage Monitoring – HUMS
  • Flight Operations & Quality Assurance – FOQA
  • HEMS Rule or OGP Compliance
  • Data Analytics

Truth Data will help you find the right solution.

Flight animation of an AW139 with FlightViz

About Truth Data

Truth Data draws upon decades of experience in commercial and military aviation and possesses unique capabilities in Flight Data Analytics to support our customers. The result is a safer, more economical aviation operation for our partners with unparalleled service. We have superb knowledge managing diverse fleets of aircraft with recording systems from most all major manufacturers. We work with all market segments and can help you realize the value in your data regardless of what types of aircraft you fly.

We’ve Partnered With BGI

Our Aviation Cloud Enterprise solution is a software suite consisting of Aviation Visualization & Analysis (AVA) and Analysis and Reporting Client (ARC). AVA provides both cloud-based and local client capabilities to enable efficient analysis and visualization of aircraft data from a variety of sources, including flight data recorders and maintenance systems (i.e. HUMS). The ARC is a client (local PC) application that allows the customer access to cloud hosted AVA data for the purposes of Visualization, Analysis Algorithm Development and quick-turnaround Event Detection.

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TruthData Services

Truth Data provides a wide range of solutions to operators of every size. Whether you fly one aircraft or are an international fleet operator, Truth Data can provide the following:

Flight Data Monitoring – FDM

The Truth Data team draws on decades of military and commercial flight experience combined with technology that’s second to none.

Air Medical

If you are an aeromedical provider, let Truth Data help you move on from compliance with the HEMS rule to getting actionable results out of the data you are now recording.

§135.607 Flight Data Monitoring System.
After April 23, 2018, no person may operate a helicopter in air ambulance operations unless it is equipped with an approved flight data monitoring system capable of recording flight performance data.

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Oil & Gas

From the IOGP Aircraft Management Guidelines:

10.2.9 Flight data analysis Flight data analysis is variously known as Operational Flight Data Monitoring (OFDM), in its application to fixed-wing aircraft, and Helicopter Operational Monitoring Programme (HOMP) in rotary wing application. The system enables air operators to identify, quantify, assess and address operational risks. It is compatible with a pro-active Safety Management System where it can provide assurance that safety levels are being met or improved. OGP has supported the development of the HOMP and recommends these system be considered on all new aircraft long-term contracts, where available for the aircraft model.


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